Fortuny introduces W/S 2018 collection, The Philosopher’s Stone, inspired by the centuries old legend of the alchemical substance that was believed could transform common metals into precious ones.

The finest printed fabrics in the world, handmade in Venice since 1907.


The Philosopher’s Stone

How do you take an object and give it a soul?

How do you take the ordinary and make it extraordinary?

Painters do it with canvas.

Poets do it with words.

We do it with cloth.

The Pleats Remastered

After many years and countless hours of research and development, the Fortuny design laboratory has resurrected Mariano Fortuny’s signature pleating process which is presented as a reimagined Delphos.


A Century Old

The Fortuny factory opened on the Giudecca island of Venice in 1921. Still operating today, the manufacturing facility and design laboratory continue to embrace Mariano Fortuny’s passion for tradition.


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