• A Year in Fashion at Fortuny

    February - this time of the year when fashion becomes the talk of the town, we saunter down memory lane through an eventful year in fashion at Fortuny before catching up with the exciting projects about to take place this year. Valentino The then-duo creative directors of Valentino took to Fortuny for inspiration for their Spring Summer [...] Continue Reading
  • On Love

    At Fortuny, love is something to which we hold dear. After all, we owe much of everything we have together today to a man and a woman. Mariano and Henriette as we call them fondly within our conversations. The truth is, none of us were there to witness what went down in history as a [...] Continue Reading
  • St. Petersburg Part II: American Designers Visit Russia

    In January, Fortuny took a group of designers on a trip to explore St. Petersburg and visit the Mariano Fortuny - "The Magician of Venice" exhibition at the State Hermitage Museum in Russia. A reflection from Fortuny creative director Mickey Riad.   A little over a month since my first trip to St. Petersburg, I found myself [...] Continue Reading
  • Fortuny at the Hermitage Museum

    On December 6, the prestigious Hermitage museum opened its door to the Mariano Fortuny - "The Magician of Venice" exhibition. Live report from Fortuny's creative director Mickey Riad from St. Petersburg.   After hurdling the governmental obstacles of passports and visas (my visa coming in just one day before my trip), I finally made the journey to [...] Continue Reading
  • Downton Abbey Wardrobe Visionary Calls on Fortuny for Final Season

    Over the past 6 years, Downton Abbey has given its international audience a glimpse into a time that seems so far from our current day. When in fact, the turn of the century shares many parallels with the present. Nations at war, a widening income and class gap, and the promise of ending prohibition. The [...] Continue Reading
  • Fortuny in Valentino S/S 2016 Haute Couture

    January is a busy month in Paris. With the Haute Couture week, Paris Deco Off and Maison et Objet, Paris beams with the finest designs and an influx of international creativity. In this city of light and arts where Mariano Fortuny grew up, Italian haute couturier Valentino unveiled a magnificent haute couture collection where Venetian [...] Continue Reading
  • Fortuny Introduces Micromondo Collection

    Fortuny is pleased to introduce its new W/S 2016 collection, Micromondo. With 112 SKUs available in 10 patterns and up to 20 color ways, the collection presents a refreshed interpretation and modernized adaptation of Fortuny’s distinguished prints, in addition to new velvets, wools, linens and sheers. While continuing the legacy of a refined color palette [...] Continue Reading
  • Sectile 1729

    Fortuny announces its collaboration with Venetian Heritage creating a collection inspired by the Gesuiti Church in Venice, known for its elaborate marble, sculpted and inlaid to look like draped fabric. The collection, titled Sectile 1729, draws inspiration from the “fabric” patterns. These 6 newly designed pat- terns will be released as part of the W/S [...] Continue Reading
  • A Fascination with Greece: The Palace of Knossos

    A lot can be learned from the sketchbook of a master. A scrap from 1906 gives us a glimpse into Fortuny's the process and influence. In 1905, Sir Arthur Evans' completed his historic archeological dig of the palace of Knossos in Greece -- this is Fortuny's sketch of the discovered pieces.  It seems Fortuny, a known Grecophile, was [...] Continue Reading
  • Fortuny Unveils Collection W/S 2015 – The Foxes’ Wedding

    Drawing inspiration from Japanese folklore of “The Fox’s Wedding,” Fortuny released 30 new SKUs in the W/S 2015 collection, including four newly designed patterns, two archival patterns and seven existing patterns in new colorways.  The line also includes a limited edition series of Ann Wood designed Fortuny foxes wearing reversible Fortuny kimonos. “We decided upon [...] Continue Reading