Fortuny Unveils Collection W/S 2015 – The Foxes’ Wedding

Fortuny WS2015 Catalani mood
Drawing inspiration from Japanese folklore of “The Fox’s Wedding,” Fortuny released 30 new SKUs in the W/S 2015 collection, including four newly designed patterns, two archival patterns and seven existing patterns in new colorways.  The line also includes a limited edition series of Ann Wood designed Fortuny foxes wearing reversible Fortuny kimonos.

“We decided upon the theme of “The Fox’s Wedding” as we were playing around with halftones and production techniques,” says Mickey Riad, Creative Director of Fortuny.  “Japanese legend attributes the phenomenon of the way a sun shower can fool what your eye sees to foxes that often play tricks on humans. The idea that the new collection plays tricks on the eye fit perfectly with that theme.  In addition, the pattern and color choices that were inspired by Japanese art and textiles. ”

The goal of the collection was to create designs that embraced Mariano Fortuny’s painterly approach to fabric and play with the idea of what is seen and unseen, interpreting different elements as fabric.  Highlights include Camo, a Venetian interpretation of traditional camouflage that created the pattern from photographs of water and islands as opposed to foliage, Scale, which draws inspiration from a close up of butterfly wings and plays with lines fading in and out, and Marmo, Fortuny’s take on marble stone. Each of the Camo and Marmo patterns line up side to side in five different sections, to allow surfaces using these designs to appear to have no repeat.

Rounding out the collection are the limited edition foxes designed by artist Ann Wood.  The largest scale animals in the artist’s collection to date, the foxes showcase, through reversible kimonos, the 30 different patterns in the collection.

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