Now Available: Fortuny Velvets & Wools

Fortuny Velvets & Wools Mood 1
Introduced this January at Paris Deco off, our latest collection is officially available. Fortuny Velvets & Wools is our first-ever collection of solid and striped velvets & wools tailored to the Fortuny palette.

About Fortuny Velvets & Wools


Patterns Rondo and Fugue are woven from 100% Merino wool in fine worsted flannel cloths. Rondo is a corded rib cloth construction pared with warp colors to create a semi-random stripe. Fugue is an updated flannel cloth that combines several yarn colors in a pointillist effect. The yarns optically blend to create unique, iridescent fabrics.


Woven with the finest wool yarns for mohair velvet, our mohair is extremely strong, while having a high luster which exhibits this velvet’s superior quality. After weaving and a fine wash, the mohair is carefully dyed to our exclusive color palette in a process of intricate workmanship.


A unique velvet which utilizes a luxurious blended yarn of cashmere & silk, spun and woven in Italy. This quality was developed and produced by the one mill worldwide specializing in such an impressive weight of cashmere blended pile for interior furnishings and draperies. The colors have been developed exclusively for Fortuny’s unique and historic palette.

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