Sectile 1729 is a collection inspired by the Gesuiti Church in Venice, known for its elaborate marble, sculpted and inlaid to look like draped fabric.

History Inspires Art

We designed 6 new patterns, interpreted from the designs inlaid throughout the exquisite Gesuiti Church. Working with Venetian Heritage, their sales will go towards our mutual interest of preserving Venice and the world’s connection to Italy. The masters of the past are a constant source of inspiration, and it is our duty to ensure the safe passage of historic monuments like the Gesuiti Church from one generation to the next.

10% of sales of the collection will be donated to Venetian Heritage for the restoration of the Gesuiti Church.


I Gesuiti, Venice

The church of Santa Maria Assunta, known as I Gesuiti, was constructed in 1715 on the ground of complex in Venice including a church, a hospital and a convent that dated to the 12th century. Completed in 1729, the church became one of the most enthralling Baroque churches in Venice, in part thanks to its impressive interior made of intricately inlaid marble.