IMAGO is a dream of radiant color and eclectic design that brings the world home.

Through meditations on our present surroundings and contemplations of art and nature, Fortuny’s concept of beauty underwent a transformation.

With IMAGO, the fantasy is material.

A secret garden.


17th-century design. Roman influence.

A new habitat for color.

Camo Isole

A Venetian interpretation of traditional camouflage, Camo Isole’s pattern is created from photographs of water and islands as opposed to foliage.

The sweetness of connecting.


Favo, Italian for “honeycomb”, is a nod to both of these elements, our individual identity and our connectedness to one another and the world around us.

Light from an ancient world.

The color of pomegranates.

An enchanting dance with nature.

Lose yourself in the twists and turns.


Moorish design named after Moroccan city.

A brooding emotion.


17th-century traditional design similar to Lucrezia but on a smaller scale.

Make your mark.


The interlocking, geometric design of Simboli creates a meditative state through repetitive mark making.

Plus Ultra

Be aware
Recognize beauty
Nourish love
Embrace life


With IMAGO, we were compelled to bring the world closer to us, while it felt so far away. Through meditations on our present surroundings and contemplations of art and nature, our concept of beauty underwent a transformation.

IMAGO expands the Fortuny color-verse with a palette that defies categories. The collection introduces a range of verdant greens and offers new pink tones inspired by Venetian sunsets and terracotta rooftops. IMAGO broadens Fortuny’s existing Adriatic blue sand greys. Our new metallic graphite stampa is a fresh take on the graceful shimmers for which Fortuny fabrics are known.

The pattern designs in IMAGO represent the breadth of Fortuny’s artistry, inspired by both nature and cultures. This is seen in Barberini’s dramatic foliage, Rabat’s twisted medina-like paths, and the interconnectedness of Favo.

IMAGO merges the fantastical and the real in 25 new colorways across ten of our favorite Fortuny patterns.