Fortuny Peplos Wave Dress

Together with his wife and muse, Henriette Negrin, Mariano Fortuny invented a technique for pleating silk to create the legendary Fortuny pleated gowns, defying all fashion trends of the time. This deceptively simple yet highly sophisticated design broke the mold of the constraints of women’s fashion at the time and liberated the female form, forever changing the face of fashion.

After many years and countless hours of research and development, the Fortuny design laboratory has resurrected Mariano Fortuny’s signature pleating process which is presented in a reimagined collection of Delphos and Peplos.

Style shown is Peplos Wave in blue-green.

Each Peplos is entirely hand-pleated and hand-sewn with 100% silk and finished with vintage Murano glass beads. Made to order. To join our waitlist, write to us here.



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