FUGUE in pebble

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Patterns Rondo and Fugue are woven from 100% merino wool in fine worsted flannel cloths. The highest quality worsted yarns and finishing techniques are borrowed from the menswear tradition to create two new dynamic interior cloth. Both patterns feature fiber-dyed melange wool yarn, a process that blends 3-8 individual fiber colors to create multi-dimensional colors. Rondo is a corded rib cloth construction pared with a warp colors to create a semi-random stripe. Fugue, an updated flannel cloth that combines several yarn colors in a pointillist effect. The yarns optically blend to create unique, iridescent fabrics.

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150 cm/59"


100% Wool


14,000 rubs


Professional dry cleaning only, gentle, with PCE (tetrachloroethylene). Iron at low temp.