Fortuny Umbrella


Fortuny umbrellas are hand-made to the highest standards in northern Italy. The handle, shaft, and ferrule are constructed from one solid piece of Tuscan chestnut wood, steamed and shaped by hand. Stretchers are employed in a traditional technique and are made of steel to ensure durability. Each umbrella utilizes one meter of Fortuny fabric that was produced with the same proprietary secret methods and machinery in the original factory on the island of Giudecca in Venice, as established by Mariano Fortuny a century ago. This fabric undergoes a special waterproof treatment before being utilized on the umbrella.

Length: 36.5”
Diameter: 41”

This is a Fortuny® product.
Made in Italy
Arrives January 4th to 18th if you order today.
*Product sold only in the United States



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