Titled for the Latin word for serene and the root of Venice’s nickname “La Serenissima”, SERĒNUS explores the city’s environmental forms of earth, sea, and sky with three new patterns and one archival design.


Acknowledging both our individuality and our interconnectedness, this small scale, textural pattern is drawn from silhouettes of the islands of significance to the people of FORTUNY.


Based on studies of reflections and the flow of water on the Giudecca Canal in front of the factory, this pattern gives the impression of standing on the fondamenta staring out at the canal, in the shadow of the factory’s steadfast presence.


Originally designed by Mariano Fortuny in the 1920’s, Giudecca was named for the island on which he established his factory in 1921. 


Exploring shadow and light with its interplay of lines of varying densities, this pattern was drawn based on photographs of dramatic cumulonimbus clouds over the Giudecca Canal.

Be aware
Recognize beauty
Nourish love
Embrace life


The collection’s calming palette embraces its title’s definition of “free from worry” and echoes Venice’s painterly edifices and skies in various seasons and times of day, including dusk, dawn, and dense fog. SERĒNUS is the last collection of the first 100 years of production in our historic factory established by Mariano Fortuny on the Giudecca in 1921.