Voices of Venice

A discussion with Venetians.
Real stories from The Laguna told by our neighbors, artisans, and friends.

Fortuny’s unique position as the last factory still producing on the Giudecca in Venice allows us the privilege of sharing moving, authentic insights into Venice life, as told by real Venetians.

Discover the true heartbeat and dreams of this magical City of the Sea.

Maurizio R.
3rd generation fishmonger

I miss hearing my name called out as I walk the streets. The greeting of friends, of the people you meet, makes you feel part of a whole, of something that gives you serenity and security. You feel more at home out and about than at home. For us Venetians, the lagoon and the calle are life.

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Clara G.
Bookshop owner

Previously, Venice had changed its perspective: from a powerful state often engaged in wars, to a city that decided to undertake the way of art, beauty, knowledge, and wisdom. I hope this current halt will represent, in the end, a new start, a new beginning.”

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Paola P.

“While taking walks, I am surprised by the clean and pure atmosphere, the color of the canals that have never been so blue-green since I first moved to Venice in 2011.”

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Sandra C.
Wife of a 2nd generation taxi boat driver

Living in Venice is not always easy. Most of the time it is a love-hate relationship, but love always conquers.
Venice is a dream…”

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