The Brick House

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The Brick House

For the 75th anniversary of the Glass House, we partnered with the National Trust for Historic Preservation to replace the water-damaged fabric wallcoverings with a donation of the same fabric designed by Mariano Fortuny and selected by Philip Johnson for this monumental project. An exclusive production of Piumette pink, aquamarine, and gold was created by our artists in Venice and is now an integral part of the historic restoration of the Brick House, the iconic modernist landmark in New Canaan, Connecticut, designed by Philip Johnson in 1949. 

Completed just months before the renowned Glass House, the Brick House was a fundamental part of the architect’s original plan for the site, offering two essential halves to a single composition. Closed to the public since 2008 due to ongoing damage from water infiltration, half of the property’s core architectural story was left untold. Until now.


Using the same methods and techniques devised by Mariano Fortuny over a century ago, our artisans created a special production of Piumette pink, aquamarine, and gold specifically for the realization of the project. We are proud to have been part of this journey that carries more than a century of our company's heritage of linking design, art, and architecture into the future.


Limited Edition Journal

With the remaining Piumette pink, aquamarine, and gold fabric, precious notebooks were created to allow visitors and fans to bring a piece of the Brick House and Fortuny home. These limited-edition journals offer the chance to possess a tangible moment of Venetian history intertwined with the iconic legacy of Philip Johnson’s midcentury masterpiece. Handmade in Venice on the same island as our factory, these exclusive notebooks are available for purchase.


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