The day destroys the night, night divides the day

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With the arrival of June, the northern hemisphere finds itself at the zenith of sunlight, the days beginning to define themselves with radiant warmth and luminosity. The profound influence of light on our well-being invites us to appreciate the remarkable interplay between nature and our humanity.

Light, both a physical and metaphorical force, holds an undeniable sway over our lives. From the soft glow that stirs us before dawn, to the multicolored sunset, no less magical or magnificent in its brevity, the canvas of our daily experiences is painted by light. It shapes our circadian rhythms and guides our rest, affecting our moods and overall health. The scientific marvel of photosynthesis allows plants to harness light’s energy and sustain life on Earth, further reminding us of the intricate connection between light, nature, and our experience.

Fueling the awe-inspiring power of this celestial phenomenon, daylight stretches to its furthest reaches in the north and contracts to its nadir in the southern hemisphere. The warmth of sunlight on our skin activates a primal memory deep within our cells, bearing witness to the brilliance that provides nourishment to both body and soul. These moments of wonder, of nature unfolding its full splendor before us, are echoed in the processes we inherited from our founder and reinforce within us the need to capture the beauty and light of our surroundings in the folds of our fabric.

We proudly continue our tradition of celebrating the significance of light, invoking it to continue illuminating our paths, inspiring our creativity, and nurturing our sense of wonder.

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North facing view of Venice from the palazzina on the Giudecca

Lucrezia - Lichen & arancio texture

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