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Cultures ancient and modern, East and West, have all found inspiration in the image of life-giving blossoms that symbolize rebirth and longevity — a stylized, ovoid floral form among stems and leaves, often a pomegranate, but sometimes a pine cone, artichoke, or thistle. The existence of the pomegranate or MELAGRANA motif in cultures around the globe demonstrates the global network of ideas that have connected peoples for millennia. Suggesting both fertility and enlightenment, our MELAGRANA pattern has Persian, Moorish, and Italian Renaissance influences.

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Product details
100% Cotton
Fortuny fabrics are appropriate for all your furnishing needs, including upholstery, wallcoverings, window treatments, pillows, and other home accessories.
Pattern info
Total pattern width with borders
134 cm / 52.8 in
Horizontal repeat
23 cm / 9.1 in
Vertical repeat
24 cm / 9.4 in
Care and maintenance
Iron on reverse side with low setting at 110 °C / 230 °F. Do not steam. Suitable for dry cleaning.
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