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The beauty and wonder of daily living

The eternal meets the moment in handmade objects that shine light on a world of expression for how we live today.

Fortuny pillow

Available in 22 variants

Elevate the spaces you love with handmade pillows that bring Venice’s ethereal light and beauty to your home. Available in a kaleidoscope of colors and patterns, each pillow is a distinctive work of art designed for daily use.

Fortuny journal

Available in 20 variants

Guestbook, agenda, or dream keeper? Let your ideas come to life across luxurious pages that spark inspiration. On your desk or coffee table, this timeless journal shimmers with stories ready to be told.

Fortuny umbrella

Available in 8 variants

Rain, rain, don’t go away. Whether splashing through puddles solo or strolling arm-in-arm, the Fortuny umbrella transports you to colorful Venice skies. Awash in transcendent hues, the umbrella features a meter of Fortuny fabric with a Tuscan chestnut handle, shaft, and ferrule, steamed and shaped by hand.

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Fortuny bag

Please inquire about our signature bags for more details on pricing and timing.

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Fortuny dress

Please inquire about our signature dresses for more details on pricing and timing.