Defiant light


As we descend deeper into winter, the waters rise, the mercury drops, and the fog veils our surroundings. Yet every day, the light defiantly stretches a little further into the darkness, a gentle reminder that the waters will soon recede, the fog will eventually lift, and the mercury shall once again defy gravity. Though winter’s chill penetrates bone deep and night becomes saturated with an impossible darkness that threatens to consume the world whole, we would be wise to remember the pendulum does not swing in only one direction. In a world grappling with tragic situations adversely affecting huge swaths of the human population, it is not difficult to give into pessimism, to fall into indifference, to lose hope. But it is precisely these times when we must act as the counterbalance to the madness and violence that surrounds. When the movement of our society feels like it has veered off course or lost direction, it is an invitation to us all, especially to the makers, to inject more of ourselves into our collective consciousness.

Humanity, now more than ever, craves acts of humanity. And nothing is more human than the arts, than using our hands and voices to create expressions of the soul as offerings, a resistance, and a way to process and proceed, hopefully with a little more kindness and grace. Our search for light strengthens in these times, in everything we do.

As we approach Carnevale, traditionally marking the beginning of a reflective period of abstinence and self discipline, we find ourselves at the threshold of a unique celebration. In Venice’s history, Carnevale provided a rare opportunity for citizens to cast aside societal constraints, allowing them to move anonymously among their peers, free from judgment or fear. The mask, far from being a guise to assume a different identity, served as an amulet, empowering individuals to liberate their spirits temporarily. Perhaps in this communal revelry, patience and understanding flourished, fostering greater acceptance among people.

In this spirit, let us be inspired to let the authentic and highest expressions of ourselves shine, contributing more beauty to the world and each other.


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