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Collaborating with light

Coloring skies and casting shadows with its ethereal nature, light permeates our lives, our existence revolving around this visual energy that reaches deep within us. Venice’s inimitable light possesses a quality not found anywhere else, undoubtedly enhanced by the labyrinthine channels of water that surround and intersect the city. Reflecting off canals, streaming in from windows, dancing upon surfaces, its constant shifting ebbs and flows like the waves lapping at the fondamentas. Its dynamic nature has a creative quality likened to the hand of an artist, playing an instrumental role in our latest velvet collection, LUCIS.

LUCIS, a Latin term for light, comprises six patterns printed with metallic pigments. Design elements appear and disappear as light paints the surface of the collection. Revealing intricacies and then camouflaging them, LUCIS velvets are evolving works of art, eternally in progress. As golden moments come and go, we are invited to let the light in and surrender to beauty in a world in flux.

The LUCIS palette is inspired by our deep-rooted affinity for the natural world. Majestic blues evoke calming skies and dramatic seas, while earthen neutrals add a primordial warmth. Light illuminates the depths of color and shadow, the chiaroscuro of Venetian living brought to life.

Our founder Mariano Fortuny was enthralled by these contrasts and dedicated his life to exploring luminescence in photography, theatre, fashion, and textiles. With LUCIS, we continue his unwavering commitment by harnessing the depth and drama of Venetian living that light affords us.

LUCIS collection

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