INSIDE: The Pool House

The pool house is the ultimate retreat — a vacation just steps away. It’s a space for rest and relaxation, but also for entertaining and celebrating the summer holidays. As it often sits apart from the main house, there is a lot of freedom in the design decisions — some may opt for a seaside theme, while others may find inspiration in the gardens and nature surrounding the pool. The decoration should be light and colorful but calming.

For this pool house, we mixed beachy and nature in a uniquely Fortuny way. Inspired by shells and the colors of the lagoon, CANESTRELLI in french blue & white is a playful reflection of the pristine swimming pool, complemented by gentle, glistening waves of our ONDE in ivory & gold. Imbued with the spirit of song and dance, our ORFEO in Bellini, aqua, and graphite adds bolder colors and whimsical design. We’ll leave it to you to determine if we were inspired by the Renaissance painter or the cocktail– though sipping a Bellini in this Fortuny-filled pool house would certainly be a dream. 

Tune into this month’s playlist inspired by The Pool House to complete your summer holiday fantasies.