Set Sail with Fortuny

Fortuny’s timeless allure sets sail aboard the newly unveiled S.S. La Venezia. Uniworld’s yacht-like, 126 passenger experience is the latest floating boutique hotel intimately embodying Italy’s beauty, artistry, and passion, with Fortuny’s legendary style and commitment to craft setting the standard for design and decor.

Each cabin suite is a celebration of handcrafted Italian design, featuring a range of Fortuny’s classic and modern designs in a palette that captures hues unique to the city of Venice.

With motifs evoking far off lands, Italian gardens, and royalty in tranquil colors, rooted in Venetian architecture’s straw and terracotta tones, the fabrics serve as a vessel within a vessel, enveloping and transporting you to the serenity of our floating city.

The launch of S.S. La Venezia is Fortuny’s first venture into the luxury cruise and yachting industry, demonstrating that on land or sea, Fortuny provides an unparalleled and enchanting experience in leisure.

All photographs courtesy of Uniworld Boutique River Cruises/Rainer Witzgall.

EDERA in Pompeian pink & silvery gold
In line with Mariano Fortuny’s love of nature, EDERA is inspired by the flora found in our factory’s garden and throughout Venice and brings the evergreen beauty of ivy into any space.

GRANADA in yellow & silvery gold
Named for Mariano Fortuny’s birthplace, GRANADA celebrates our founder’s heritage and the intricate design work brought to the city during the Moorish rule.

We were so in love with the suites on the S.S. La Venezia we had to learn more from Head of Design at Uniworld Toni Tollman.

A lot of the colors used seemed to be in the same warm tones (oranges & yellows)—what was the inspiration for the palette?

Venice is one of my favourite places, so I drew inspiration from the city itself. The colours are a reflection of the warm hues found in the ancient brickwork of the buildings and the endless turquoise of the water as you sail through the canals.

There are a variety of scales and styles used — was there any significance to the patterns you chose?

The art of layering fabrics and textures is my signature design style. As each space is unique, we start with an initial idea, and the design develops from there. Fortuny has an incredible variety of fabrics, so it was a pleasure to choose patterns that complemented the design.

I imagine there are some challenges to maintaining a floating hotel—were there any particular qualities of Fortuny fabric that made it a good choice for use on a boat?

Our ship interiors are designed in the same way as a boutique hotel. So, aside from the challenge of working in smaller spaces and being creative with specific design features, we use the same beautifully crafted furniture, antiques, and fabrics on our ships.

How many of the suites utilize Fortuny’s fabrics? What about in public spaces?

The Lobby was the first space in which I felt the design take shape. I’m a longtime admirer of Mariano Fortuny, and I had a vision of his 1930’s showroom in my head – and that is where the inspiration was born for this area. 

Six of the S.S. La Venezia’s suites feature Fortuny fabrics, which have been weaved into the design and complemented by antiques and handcrafted furniture. 

Was there any kind of ‘aha’ moment that lead you to use Fortuny’s fabrics or did the team always know that Fortuny had to be a part of this project?

I have admired the brand for a long time. When the team and I began discussing how we wanted to transform this ship into something spectacular, after discussions around drawing authenticity of the city we all felt that the Fortuny brand and its history spoke to myself and my design team.

CORONE in straw & off-white
An iconic damask print, this 17th-century design prominently features a crown motif and takes its color from the pale yellow tones found in the sun-drenched stone of the Venetian streets.

PERSIANO in apricot monotones
This design takes its cues from 18th-century Persian art, combining a sweet, abstract floral motif with a geometric pattern.