The Countess’s Good Boys (and Girls)


While shuffling through the archive of Fortuny, we found a collection of pictures and postcards from Countess Gozzi of the time she and the Count spent at the factory in Venice with their beloved whippets. They were Tino, Java, Bobo, and Nicky “the guard dog.” Calm, affectionate and playful, the whippets were a part of the family and the factory, appearing frequently on Greetings cards sent out from the Countess every holiday season.

First there was Java

The countess with Java, 1966

Baby Bobo joined the family in the mid 1960s

Java Gozzi (back) and Bobo Gozzi (front), 1969

Java and Bobo became an inseparable pair, appearing on pictures and postcards together throughout the late 60s and 70s.

Count Gozzi with Java and Bobo in the Fortuny garden in Venice

Tino, 1971

Bobo, 1971

Java, 1971

Nicky the watchdog joined the family in 1977

Countess Gozzi with Nicky, 1980

Nicky occupying the most comfortable chair on the veranda, 1978

A “portrait of the Gozzi family at the factory in Venice.

As we look back at the fond memory of Count and Countess Gozzi with their beloved whippets, we would like to look forward to what the new year can bring. We wish you success, prosperity, love and happiness for the year of the Dog. Share moments of your little friends with Fortuny by tagging us #Fortunydogs on Instagram.