2021/01/Begin Again

A young and hopeful Mariano.
A young and hopeful Mariano.

New Days & New Years

Many of us wait in anticipation for our annual reboot–January, the chance for reinvention and fundamental changes full of promise. Our moment to take risks and commit. There is a lot of pent-up hope in the turning of the calendar page, so instead our resolution is to begin every day anew, every day to embrace uncertainty, and every day to seek and find. This is how Fortuny has remained timeless– by keeping fresh eyes on the world and all the beauty it contains.

In 2021 and beyond, Fortuny has much to be excited about. We’ve been hard at work seeking and asking so that we can constantly be better perfecting our craft for our admirers. It isn’t just a new collection– though we can’t wait to share that either– but a recommitment to our values and our mission to bring more beauty to the world. Today and the next, we endeavor to grow, create magic, and light the spark of creativity in our collective spirit.

Brioso in Olive.
Brioso in Olive.

Solids on Repeat

Inspired by Venice’s legacy as “The Republic of Music,” our exclusive solids collections in wool and velvet were uniquely developed for the Fortuny customer and are the perfect complement to our printed cottons.

Whether it’s Vivaldi or the Violent Femmes on your Spotify, Fortuny’s collection of superior quality solids are made to both enrich and withstand any lifestyle.

Explore our collection and reserve your fabric today.


INSIDE: The Foyer

Like entering a new year, entering a home is about putting your best self forward– being true to yourself, but giving a little extra in order to make the right impression from the start.

This toastier take on a cool palette casually mixes classic and geometric for a modern touch to the whimsical. The floral motifs connect the nature outdoors with living indoors, and the bold combinations show both personal style and sophistication.

Listen to our latest playlist inspired by the foyer and catch the vibes Fortuny brings to your home.


yellow & white


pale grey & silvery gold


blue & pale grey

Claude Iverné / Elnour.
Claude Iverné / Elnour.

Pierre Cardin: Son of the Veneto

The father of futurism in fashion thrived on forward-thinking creativity since he carried his Italian birth name of Pietro.

Cardin’s vision was never limited to a certain expectation or ideal, and this passion for new ideas is what drove his sterling career in fashion for over 70 years.  Born just 20km outside of Venice, the designer spent most of his life in Paris, where he began cutting for the likes of Paquin and Schiaparelli, and ultimately Christian Dior.

His talents lead him far beyond the limitations of a hired gun and cultivated a concept that was not widely accepted at the time, fashion as a business. Cardin wanted his brand to be accessible to all who loved living well. He established the earliest fashion licensing strategies that lead to massive expansions in the industry. “I did not want only rich people to be entitled to fashionable clothes,” says Cardin. “Instead of being copied, I preferred to copy myself,” he said in a recent Financial Times piece.

Like our founder, Mariano Fortuny, and all renaissance men, Cardin wanted his work to reach beyond what was expected of him. From designing costumes for the theater to haute couture to conceptualizing architectural wonders, his work encompassed mediums that inspire artists on all planes of creativity. Rules are made to be broken, and more often than not, we have to break our own to discover our potential.

We celebrate and admire the world Pierre (or Pietro if you prefer) left behind. One that defies our predictions, our imagination, and our limitations.