Fortuny’s Summer Whites

With the stark, all-white aesthetic quickly fading from trends, our white on whites, no color, and moonlight colorways are the foundation you need to create texture and interest in any room without designing a blank canvas. Our coveted process of layering dyes creates a complex ground of color, enhancing the simplicity of this tried-and-true staple. 

The subtle pink undertones of our moonlight and no color colorways steer white in a softer, more elegant direction. They offer a more sophisticated approach to introducing color into a room, even for the most color-phobic. Rather than the flat white walls that we’re accustomed to, upholstering Fortuny onto walls produces a more interesting contrast without adding splashy accent colors. 

For a touch of complimentary glamour throughout your design, our vast selection of white & gold colorways will keep your space feeling fresh while staying true to the existing white color palette. Even for the most modern rooms, a touch of Fortuny gold on your drapes in your sun-washed living room will become the statement piece guests notice. And if gold isn’t your aesthetic, our white & silver colorways have your design needs covered.  

 At Fortuny, even our whites are colorful.